Welcome to Abrams Business Advisory Services

Having support to help your longer-term business vision as well as supporting your day-to-day operations is vital to ongoing success. Abrams Business Advisory Services support our clients with practical and strategic advice to help achieve growth and development.

Business Advisory Services

At Abrams Business Advisory Services we’ve helped many businesses and individuals create projections and discover businesses solutions. Regardless of size, all clients receive the same considerations and quality of service. In this fast paced world of electronic media, we strive to maintain our personal approach whilst offering you the latest technologies.

It is common for business owners to be overwhelmed from working in their business and not on their business.

Our years of experience have revealed many businesses suffer from some of the following issues:

  • No financial projections to see where the business is actually heading
  • Incorrect financing structures
  • Do not know what their profit margins are
  • Do not know what their % of overhead costs are
  • Do not know inventory, debtor and creditor days
  • Do not know their current ratio
  • Do not know what EBITDA is and how important it is for your business
  • Do not know what their working capital % is

Abrams Business Advisory Services helps you with:

  • The opportunity either monthly or quarterly (depending on the business' current requirements) for you to work ON your business
  • Financial projections to see where the business is heading
  • Financial reports you can actually understand
  • Review current financing structures and ensure their suitability for the business
  • Monitor profit margins and provide solutions when they are not being maintained
  • Reduce and monitor overhead costs
  • Ensure that your inventory, debtor and creditor days are at their optimal level
  • Monitor the current ratio and provide solutions if lower than 1.2%
  • Provide you with your current EBITDA and then help you grow your EBITDA
  • Reduce your working capital % to help reduce reliance on bank overdrafts and provide internal funding for capital growth
  • Provide practical solutions that suit your business, not theories
  • Provide that non bias business decision sounding board
  • Financially model a proposed business idea before it is implemented
  • Provide funding submissions to your bank and management of any debt covenants
  • Meet ATO and other statutory compliance obligations

About Abrams

Our clients success is based on honest and open discussions that allow us to create tailored business solutions. Everyday we help our diverse range of clients move closer to their goals and guide them away from business mismanagement.

Our client list is diverse in size, structure and industry. We work with individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies involved in industries such as agriculture, retail and sales, motor vehicle repairs, mining services, hospitality, professional and technical services, construction, manufacturing and more.

All clients receive the same courtesies and quality of service. In this fast paced world of electronic media, we strive to maintain our personal approach whilst offering you the latest technologies. If you’re looking for solutions to improve your business, be it new or established, large or small, take the path to Abrams Business Advisory Services.


Take the first steps to business security:

Step 1
Call us on 0437 688 667 or send us your details via the enquiry form.
Step 2
We will contact you and discuss your requirements/issues and advise if we can help.
Step 3
We will obtain your current business financial data and prepare an initial analysis.
Step 4
We will arrange a meeting to present our analysis, some solutions to your current issues and a 12 month quote if you wish to engage our services. This step provides you the opportunity to really see what the Advisory Service involves at no cost, no obligation, just your time.